Our projects


  • RTCA Queensland and New South Wales
  • Lake Cowal – Barrack Gold
  • Adelong


  • Paradise Dam and Weirs
  • QWI – Wyaralong and Traveston Dams
  • Nathan River Dam
  • Burnett Water Dam and Weirs
  • Pipelines both domestic and for LNG projects
  • LNG projects
  • Railway Corridors (Vic, NSW, Qld, WA and NT)
  • Gas Wellheads (Qld)
  • Basslink (Vic/Tas)
  • Hazelwood Westfield Project (Vic)


  • Queensland dams
  • Mining agreements – Queensland, New South Wales
  • Pipelines – Queensland, South Australia and Victoria

Local Government and Institutions:

  • Local Authority Agreements – reserves, airstrips, townships and subdivisions (Qld, NSW and NT)
  • Redlands Shire (Qld)
  • Byron Shire (NSW)
  • Gold Coast Council (Qld)
  • Griffith University (Qld)


Our projects